There is a good chance that our beloved country of Haiti may say goodbye to it to its long history of poverty and misery.

Mining companies revealed that they have found at least 1 million ounces of gold at two sites in the region of Trou-du-Nord, in North of Haiti. Not only they found gold in Haiti, they also found silver and copper.

This precious metals worth potentially $20 billion.

According to the report, in April the first significant amount of silver ever reported in Haiti was found in the town of Trou du Nord located in the North region of Haiti. Mining companies estimated between 20 million and 30 million ounces of silver. Geologists suspect that more than 1 million tons of copper is waiting in the area of Trou du Nord in the area under exploration.

Did you know that major work have taken place already without the knowledge of the population. More than $30 million have been invested in this exploration project, not by Haitians but by U.S. and Canadian investors. These investments range from exploratory drilling to camps for workers and new roads.

Now, a mining company is drilling around the clock I was told to determine how to get those precious metals out of Trou Du Nord

Actual mining could be under way in five years.

Could that be the solution for Haiti to move from extreme poverty to wealthy nation? Only God knows