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The gourde is the currency of Haiti. Its ISO 4217 code is HTG, and it is divided into 100 centimes.

At one time it was pegged to the US dollar at a value of 5 gourdes to the US dollar (starting in 1912); this is no longer the case and the currency now floats. Because of the old link, however, five gourdes is often referred to as a "Haitian dollar". Likewise, 5 centimes becomes a "Haitian penny". Indeed, in many places, prices are given not in gourdes, but rather in "Haitian dollars", which must be multiplied by five to convert to gourdes. As of April 2005, there were 38.150 gourdes to the US dollar. or 49.988 to the euro.

Coins in circulation include

  • 5 centimes ("1 Haitian cent")
  • 10 centimes ("2 Haitian cents")
  • 20 centimes ("4 Haitian cents")
  • 50 centimes ("10 Haitian cents")
  • 1 gourde ("20 Haitian cents")
  • 5 gourdes ("1 Haitian dollar")

(Possibly incomplete)

Banknotes in circulation are

  • 1 gourde ("20 Haitian cents")
  • 2 gourdes ("40 Haitian cents")
  • 5 gourdes ("1 Hatian dollar")
  • 10 gourdes ("2 Haitian dollars")
  • 25 gourdes ("5 Haitian dollars")
  • 50 gourdes ("10 Haitian dollars")
  • 100 gourdes ("20 Haitian dollars")
  • 250 gourdes ("50 Haitian dollars")
  • 500 gourdes ("100 Haitian dollars")
  • 1000 gourdes ("200 Haitian dollars") – planned, not yet in circulation

The 1-, 2-, and 5-gourde bills are no longer produced, and may not be in circulation.

Current HTG exchange ratesEdit


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