Pointe Aboury

Pointe Aboury, Grand-Anse, Haiti

Carte haiti 700x420

Location in Haiti. Grande-Anse Department highlighted in blue


Grand-Anse Departmental Flag

Grand'Anse is one of the ten departments of Haiti. It has an area of 3,310 km² and a population of 733,200 (2002). Its capital is Jérémie.

The department is divided in 3 arrondissements:

  1. Anse d'Hainault Arrondissement
  2. Corail Arrondissement
  3. Jérémie Arrondissemnt

Le pont de la grand'anse

Le Pont de la Grand-Anse

Grand-Anse main citiesEdit

Carte haiti 650x365

Main cities of Grand-Anse, Haiti

Photos from Grand-Anse

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