Haitian Earthquake, 2010

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On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 16:53:10 local time, a monumental earthquake hit central-southern Haiti. Its epicentre being about 16 miles west of Port-au-Prince, near Léogâne, a fairly large coastal town. The magnitude was clocked in at 7.0 Mw, and the area of effect stretched about 16 miles in every direction. By January 24th, the US Geological survey had recorded at least 52 aftershocks, measuring 4.5 Mw or greater. Many countries near and far dispatched rescue and medical service to help in the process of restoring Haiti. The U.S. Navy listed its resources in the area as "17 ships, 48 helicopters and 12 fixed-wing aircraft" in addition to 10,000 sailors and Marines.


As of February 1st, 2010, the current body count is around 170,000, and the current death count tolls to about 200,000. Yet another 1.2 million are left homeless, and a total of 3 million are affected by the earthquake, according to the International Red Cross.

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