The Caribbean before the arrival of Christopher ColumbusEdit

At the time of the European discovery of the islands of the Caribbean three major Amerindian indigenous peoples lived on the islands: the Taino in the Greater Antilles and The Bahamas, the Island Caribs and Galibi in the Lesser Antilles and the Ciboney in western Cuba. Trinidad was inhabited by both Carib speaking and Arawak-speaking groups.

The Europeans Arrive Edit

During the first voyage of Christopher Columbus contact was made with the friendly Arawak in the Bahamas, Cuba and the northern coast of Hispaniola. A few returned to Spain with Columbus. Small amounts of gold were found being used as personal ornaments and in objects such as masks and belts. The Spanish then began the process of "island hopping" between the islands, looking for more gold and silver.

Further readingEdit

  • Michener, James, A. 1989. Caribbean. Secker & Warburg. London. ISBN 0-436-27971-1 (Some of it is fictionalised - but is mostly based on fact.)

History of Caribbean NationsEdit

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