January 1 is the first day of the calendar year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Here a calendar year refers to the order in which the months are displayed, January to December. The first day of the medieval Julian year was usually a day other than January 1. This day was adopted as the first day of the Julian year by all Western European countries except England between about 1450 and 1600. The Gregorian calendar as promulgated in 1582 did not specify that January 1 was to be either New Year's Day or the first day of its numbered year. Although England began its numbered year on March 25 (Lady Day or Annunciation Day), between the 13th century and 1752, January 1 was called New Year's Day, and was, with Christmas and occasionally Twelfth Night, a holiday when gifts were exchanged. There are 364 days remaining (365 in leap years).





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af:1 Januarie ar:1 يناير ast:1 de xineru bg:1 януари be:1 студзеня bs:1. januar ca:1 de gener cs:1. leden cy:1 Ionawr da:1. januar de:1. Januar et:1. jaanuar el:1 Ιανουαρίου es:1 de enero eo:1-a de januaro eu:Urtarrilaren 1 fo:1. januar fr:1er janvier fy:1 jannewaris gl:1 de xaneiro ko:1월 1일 hr:1. siječnja io:1 di januaro id:1 Januari ia:1 de januario ie:1 januar is:1. janúar it:1 gennaio he:1 בינואר ka:1 იანვარი csb:1 stëcznika ku:1'ê rêbendanê la:1 Ianuarii lt:Sausio 1 lb:1. Januar hu:Január 1 ml:ജനുവരി 1 nl:1 januari ja:1月1日 no:1. januar nb:1. januar nn:1. januar oc:1 de genièr pl:1 stycznia pt:1 de Janeiro ro:1 ianuarie ru:1 января sa:१ जनवरी simple:January 1 sk:1. január sl:1. januar sr:1. јануар fi:1. tammikuuta sv:1 januari tl:Enero 1 tt:1. Ğínwar tr:1 Ocak uk:1 січня wa:1î d' djanvî zh:1月1日

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