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This wiki is currently inactive. Please help to revive or relaunch it!

If you need help with starting or improving, you are welcome to post questions on the Wikia forums.

Bonjou tout moun ak byenvini nan Wikia Ayisyen an!

Sa se Wikia peyi Ayiti, pou tout moun patisipe, kontribiye nan evolisyon li.

N ap edite kounye a près 233 atik, ou mèt, ou dwèt kontribiye, pou ede Wikia sa a ale pli lwen.

Apwopo wiki sa a | Paj nouvo yo | Paj moun renmen | Kategori yo | Èd nan Wiki sa a | Paj èd yo

Haiti Edit

Haiti is a Wikia for news, information, history, pictures, events, and cultural references relating to the country of Haiti.

To write a new Haiti article, enter the page title in the box below.

Current events Edit

Hello, and welcome to the Haiti Wikia, in which everything is related in some way to Haiti. The very first place to start, of course, would be the prime article on Haiti.

Projects are being developed for Haiti. Do invest yourself, help us bring hope in Haiti ! Haitians are proud, it's the pillar of its glory, of its History; haitian, haitian creole is the melting-pot of all haitians, haitian communities in the mother country and all around the world. Let's just rise it to its right place, its leadership.

Here are the projects related to the haitian creole :

  • Wikiversity (Wikivèsite), universal place for education, lessons, courses, researches available for everybody (Wikivèsite (Wikiversity) se yon pòtay pou edikasyon ak rechèch ki kapab pòte konesans pou tout moun) :

List of all projects are being added currently to this page. Do not hesitate to submit one or to open a discussion on one of them.

Do not hesitate to invest yourself, all we need is to work together.

Going ahead, "Ann ale, N ap rive mezanmi si bondye vle !"

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