Paul Eugène Magloire (July 19 1907 - July 12 2001) was a Haitian military ruler from 1950 to 1956.

Paul Magloire was born as a general's son. In 1946 he participated in a successful coup against the president Élie Lescot. When his successor president Dumarsais Estimé tried to extend his term of office in 1950, Magloire ousted him as well with the help of a local elite and took over.

During Magloire's reign, Haiti became a favorite tourist spot for US and European tourists. His anti-communism also gained favorable reception from US governments. He also used the coffee revenues to repair towns, build roads and pubic buildings and a dam and instigated women's suffrage. Magloire was also fond of vivid social life, horses and fine liquor and staged a massive number of parties, social events and ceremonies.

In 1954, when hurricane Hazel ravaged Haiti and relief funds were stolen, Magloire's popularity fell. In 1956 there was a dispute about when his office would end and he fled the country amid strikes and demonstrations. When François Duvalier acquired himself a presidency, he stripped Magloire of his Haitian citizenship.

In 1986, when Baby Doc Duvalier lost power, Magloire returned to Haiti from New York. Two years later he became unofficial army advisor. He died in 2001.

Preceded by:
Franck Lavaud
President of Haiti
Succeeded by:
Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis

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