Route Nationale 7 (RN-7) is an Interdepartmental Highway in southwestern Haiti.

Route Description

Route Nationale 7 begins near Les Cayes in the Les Cayes Arrondissement and stretches north to Jérémie, Grand'Anse, passing through the regions of the Les Cayes Plain and Corail Arrondissement. The highway serves the communes of Les Cayes, Camp-Perrin, Roseaux, Beaumont, and Jérémie. It also passes close to the commune of Corail.

RN-7 elevation Michael Vedrine 703

Route Nationale 7 elevation chart


Route Nationale 7 was built to connect the Jérémie Arrondissemnt with Les Cayes; To facilitate access to Jérémie, provide access to the Les Cayes Plain, provide a bypass for the southwest coast, and interconnect all of the Metropolitan Statistical Areas in that region. Since its creation, RN-7 has served as a long-haul route for commerce. It is now officially chartered for this purpose: from the junction of Route Departmentale 72 in Jérémie to Carrefour Quarte Chemins in Les Cayes, RN-7 is its own corridor. Jérémie Metropolitan Area has a reliable source of access to the rest of Haiti. As a result, the route of RN-7 has substantially increased in population and accessibility.

This highway's southern terminus is Carrefour Quatre-Chemins in Les Cayes Arrondissement, although Route Departmentale 25, a southwestern extension of the highway, the route connects to Route Departmentale 72 just north of the Les Chardonnières region. The northern terminus is in Jérémie at the intersection with Route Departmentale 72. It is 59 miles (95km) long from Les Cayes to Jérémie.

The 59% of the RN07 is paved with asphalt, corresponding to a total length of 54.69 Km; and the remaining 41% is granular coating with a length of 38.32Km.


Pont Jérémie over the Grand'Anse River

RN-7 Michael Vedrine 602

Granular surface in an intercity zone of RN-7

RN-7 Michael Vedrine 602a

Granular surface in a suburban zone of RN-7

Michael Vedrine RN-7 602b

RN-7 in an urban zone

RN-7 Michael Vedrine 602c

RN-7 at the Jeremie Bridge